Choosing the right PC is not just a task but, like it or not, a daunting task. With multiple choices & brands there are machines of all sorts to choose from in this ever-changing market, what's the most updated configuration today is obsolete tomorrow.

We design the most optimal computing requirements for your business and help you choose just the right one, from variety of options available. That's not all, if your business needs are very different; we go ahead and build customized desktops for you.


Selecting a notebook is no different. Knowing the application is of prime importance then the dimensions and other details like CPU speed, operating system and disk space is what’s difficult to choose from. We at Bitsy help you find the right one.



Depending upon the applications and expected performance, there are innumerable configurations possible. Bitsy, with 25 years of experience will guide you to select the right product and technology for the server. So be it for basic application like mail, file sharing, data base or complex applications like cloud computing, SAP and ERP, we provide the best available servers.


Computers used for specific application that needs more resources than a regular desktop. Resources can be like higher memory capacity, high speed disks, more powerful graphic capabilities with graphic memory etc. Workstations are used by a single user but needs very high processing power, high speed CPU with cache memory, depending on the actual purpose of the workstation. In case of applications like CAD / CAM, animation, video editing, scientific applications etc., one needs high speed CPU, large amount of RAM and high-end graphic controller with onboard graphics memory and high speed storage. We at Bitsy help customer identify right product at right price that will deliver performance to customer’s satisfaction.



Video Conferencing

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